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Our congregation is really small compared to Lutheran congregations in Germany. At the moment we have around 100 members.

However, it is important to remember that most of us are very active participants in church life. The annual average attendance at our church service is currently around 50 people! That's something many much larger congregations in Germany can only dream of...

The members of our congregation often know each other very well. The ambience is warm and welcoming.

Membership is not required to participate in church life - we are a welcoming church.

So if you're new to St. Paul's, we encourage you to take a look and don't feel any pressure to become a member - there's time for that.

Of course, we are very happy if you feel ready to become a member.

If you have any questions about membership, Pastor Lars is happy to be your contact - or any other member of the church council.


The way to become a member is to submit an application for membership to the office (see PDF). You can submit this in digital or paper form.

The church council decides on existing applications at their monthly meeting - so very promptly.


With a membership you have the right to participate in parish meetings and to elect the church council. You can also (in the event of an election) become a member of the church council.

With the membership there is a responsibility to a financial contribution (membership dues).

We encourage you to donate 1% of your gross income, comparable to the German church tax. The minimum contribution is (currently) USD 50 for single members or USD 80 for family memberships.

If you are unable to donate the minimum amount, this is not an obstacle to membership. You are welcome to discuss this with Pastor Lars; we will find a way....

Download membership application

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