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Internships and visits

We regularly receive inquiries relating to internships/voluntary work in our community.

We are happy about that and we understand the interest very well!


New York is fascinating and we also feel that our community is an exciting place in the big city.

To our regret, there are some limiting factors that make it difficult for us to easily give positive feedback to the really numerous requests:

- the legal situation does not allow us to employ people without a visa 

- we as a congregation do not have living space that we can provide

- the training of interns requires considerable time, so the congregational benefit must be commensurate


As a result, we currently require a minimum period of 6 months for an internship.

We also expect a minimum lead time of 6 months.

To be clear: short-term inquiries for very short visits/internships do not lead to a positive answer - we simply cannot do that.

It is also imperative that an interested person has their own financial means of subsistence. It should be noted here that life in New York is significantly more expensive than in Germany.

A sandwich-sized white bread costs $4-5 here in the supermarket outside of the city, broccoli $4.50, a liter of milk $2, 12 rolls of toilet paper $10... just to give you an idea.

However, if you are still interested after this long, not very encouraging preface (and have already clarified the above-mentioned topics for yourself), you are welcome to contact Pastor Lars.

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